We believe rides can be

With 82,000,000,000 minutes per year spent in ride-hailing vehicles, rides should be more than just about getting from point A to point B.

We believe future ride-hailing vehicles will be as intelligent as your mobile phone. Future vehicles will give passengers greater convenience and comfort, and the vehicle will become an extension of one’s digital self.

Personalizing the Passenger Experience

At Ivee, we’re creating personalized passenger experiences that make a ride as relaxing as a spa, as productive as your office, or as entertaining as a home theater.

Recognized for Innovation by Industry Leaders

Announcing Ivee’s Rides of the Future

Ivee launched a vehicle innovation program to reimagine and improve the passenger experience.

With our partners in the automotive industry, Ivee is piloting new technology and comfort features for ride-hailing vehicles.

Our first pilot features a purpose-built Responsive Seat.

For a limited time, Ivee vehicles give passengers options for a Massage or an Immersive Media experience.

Recent Press

Pilot program offers Uber, Lyft riders massages, immersive media

Picture this: Riders hop into an Uber or other ride-hailing vehicle and immediately feel the relief of a massage or enjoy personalized entertainment.

Ivee Sponsors 300% More Eco-Friendly Rides

Celebrating its 2nd anniversary, Ivee achieves massive growth by supporting ride-hail drivers of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Former Intel VP Joins Ivee’s Advisory Board

Tech veteran brings automotive relationships and industry insights to Ivee.

Ivee Selected for the National Retail Foundation’s Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab showcases the Top 50 most innovative technologies in retail at NRF 2020: Retail’s Big Show trade conference next month.

Ivee Selected into World-Class Startup Accelerator, “Plug and Play”

Accelerator that mentors, sponsors and invests in world’s top startups selects 2% of applicants to its Batch XII, including mobility marketing startup Ivee.

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